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Thousands of people want to restyle their smile yet avoid orthodontics for many reasons. Some do not want the look or feel of braces or believe braces are too much of a commitment, having them on 24 hours a day until the treatment is complete. Others feel that braces may not fit their lifestyle or might interfere with a professional appearance. Whatever the reason for avoiding traditional braces, those with a preference can choose an exciting option in brace-free teeth alignment at Greater Decatur Dental: Invisalign.


What is Invasalign?

Invisalign aligners are custom fit, clear plastic aligners that work similarly as braces to move teeth. The series of aligners slowly and gently realign the teeth into proper position.


How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable plastic trays that fit comfortably in the mouth over the teeth. Each tray moves teeth progressively throughout the treatment, which usually lasts between nine and fifteen months.


What are the Invisalign vs Braces Benefits?

One of the most impressive benefits of Invisalign is that they are nearly undetectable by others. This is an advantage to anyone who prefers a brace-free look for professional reasons. Another important advantage to Invisalign over braces is that they do not cause the sores and abrasions typically caused in traditional orthodontics. Invisalign trays are also removable for eating, drinking, and cleaning.


How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

One of the final considerations in choosing the best orthodontic plan to meet your personal needs, is choosing one that meets your budget. How does Invasalign measure up against traditional braces? According to surveys by the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, quite comparably. The average cost of regular braces is $4,800 for a year’s treatment. Invisalign costs an average of $500 per year more for a year’s treatment. The patient’s treatment plan determines the final cost of treatment, however.


Improving your smile can positively impact your appearance and self-image. For more information on Invisalign, call Greater Decatur Dental in Decatur, GA today.