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The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Hearing you need a root canal can strike fear in the heart of many dental patients. However, a root canal at Greater Decatur Dental in Decatur is a procedure that is performed by a caring and experienced dentist. After your root canal therapy at Greater Decatur Dental you will actually notice relief from your pain. Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes, damage occurs from an injury or a deep cavity, which causes the inside of the tooth to become infected. Root canal therapy is a procedure that is necessary for removing the bacteria and decay, which may ultimately save your tooth.

Signs and Symptoms for Possible Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are the primary treatment to save teeth that would otherwise die and need to be removed. It is common for many patients to assume that removing an infected tooth is the best solution; however, extracting the tooth will actually cause more significant problems for the adjacent teeth. Root canal therapy is a highly successful procedure that typically lasts a lifetime. Some of the signs and symptoms for needing root canal therapy include:

Sensitivity to hot and cold

Persistent and severe toothache pain

An abscess on your gums

Swelling and/or tenderness

Tooth discoloration

Irritation in the surrounding gum tissue

Visible signs of an infection on x-rays

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a the dental procedure used to remove diseased and/or infected pulp tissue from the interior of your tooth:

Each tooth is made up of three primary components; the hard outside layer, which is known as the enamel, a softer middle layer, known as the dentin and an inner layer of soft tissue, known as dental pulp. The dental pulp is made up of nerve fibers, blood vessels and lymph tissue. You may need root canal therapy if decay has reached the pulp and/or infection or abscess has developed either inside the tooth or at the root tip. If the damaged pulp is left untreated, it causes significant infection that will damage the bone around the tooth and eventually the tooth will die. If you have damaged pulp, without root canal therapy the infection can cause serious health problems, including cardiac problems.

At Greater Decatur Dental in Decatur, GA we believe your comfort and well-being are most important in any dental procedure. Please feel free to call ahead with any questions or concerns so we can make your visit go as smoothly as possible.